The olive oil of the island is famous both at home and abroad for its intense aroma and its excellent taste.The unique combination of the varieties together with the microclimate of the island, gives Lesbos olive oil its particular organic characteristics, its excellent flavor, it delicate aroma and its unique golden color.

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Here in Lesvos we are proud to be heirs and representatives of such a great tradition. But we go further than that, because we know how important it is to respect the knowledge we have inherited and how equally important it is to look into the future, ready to marry this inheritance with every new piece of knowledge and technology that will improve the quality of the  olive oil produced. Relying on human relations of collective solidarity, based on cooperation and respect, we work hard every day in order to offer high-quality olive oil, ecologic and compatible to the international standards and the strictest HACCP/ISO specifications – an olive oil that is worthy of the tradition of Lesvos.

The olive trees are grown in accordance with the strictestrules of organic farming,without the use of chemical fertilizers.

It is a top quality olive oil with fine features. It is cold-extracted and concentrates in it the particular climate conditions of each year.

Our company implements all modern
and recognized management standards
to ensure and certify a
consistently high quality result.